jueves, 3 de julio de 2008


NILSA: good morning
RUTH: good morning
NILSA: wouldt you like to go shopping?
RUTH:yes, I would like to go shopping. I would like eat candies.
NILSA:I would like too in the shopping
RUTH:good morning miss,How muhc is a cocosette
YANIRET: I´ts 5 bs
RUTH: ok I want one
NILSA: I wan one cocacola,How much is I´ts
YANIRET: I´ts 10 bs


DAVID: good morning
RUTH,NILSA,YANIRET: good morning
DAVID:miss How much is that cap
YANIRET:the red one?
DAVID:no, a black one
YANIRET:I´ts 30bs
DAVID:How much one these handbags?
YANIRET:those one 40bs
DAVID: ok I´ll will buy teh cap. Here you are
LUIS: Hi, david
DAVID:luis, what are you doing
LUIS:the shopping and you?
DAVID: too
LUIS:miss mochist taht red cap?
YANIRET:that is 50 bs
LUIS:and the hanbag?
YANIRET: which one?
LUIS: thi blue one
YANIRET:I´ts 60bs
LUIS:I´ts too expensive
LUIS:david let´s go to a nother store
DAVID: ok let´s go..

lunes, 30 de junio de 2008



1) what´s your favorite kind of music?
=my favorite music is pop-baladas.

2) who´s your favorite singer?
=is my favorite singer is eddy herrera

3)what´s your favorite T.V program?
=my favorite t.v programa is Hoy..

4) Do you like piano?
=no, I don´t like it very much.

1) What´s your favorite movie?
=my favorite movie is ¨La hera del Hielo¨

2) What´s your favorite actress?
=my favorite actress is Elva Escobar

3) Do you lake jazz?
= yes, I do.

4) Do you like Horror Films?
= No.I dot like it very much. I like comedies.

How much is it?

Housing is 35%

Entertainment is 10%

Taxes and Savings is 10%

Transportation is 15%

Food 15%

Health Personal Care 10%

Clothing 5%

I spend 35% of my money on Housingç
I spend 15% of my money on Food
I spend 10% Taxes and Savings
I spend 10% Entertainment
I spend 10% Health Personal Care
I spend 5% Clothing

I don´t sick frecuentry in the fast food the restaurant..

lunes, 2 de junio de 2008

my friends

my name is yaniret fernandez, im 21 years old .. my students is edication in urbe... i fron santa rita(costa oriental del lago)

my friends is alexandra fernandez, she 26 years old, she is students is comunicacion social in urbe.. she is like is curacao.. she is from is maracaibo...

rutins days

Rutins days
Yaniret Fernández I.D 18.682.483 section S342

Every days in the morning is time 6:00 am. Then she bathroom and has a shower. After that she goes is coffe…

And word is de school in the bibliotheca. An the time is 7:00 am

Are students in university an URBE an education, mjy hours the class is 1:00pm and 10:00pm

Is weekends is visiting my mother

lunes, 12 de mayo de 2008


Se tan fuerte que nadie pueda herirte, tan grande que todos quieran alcanzarte y tan humilde que todos quieran imitarte.....